What is the best practive for VDP virtual dataport database management?

Database Management

A Virtual DataPort database is equivalent to a virtual schema, and therefore the unit of project work in Denodo Platform. The following suggestions apply regarding database management:

● Create a new database for each new application/project using the Platform.
● Create new databases for each user in a project that might need to perform frequent modifications on the project’s database. Create these databases as replicas of the project’s trunk and merge changes when considered stable.
● Use VQL export/import tools for replicating existing databases and performing version control of your schemas.

● Do not mix development and production schemas in the same server.
● Test new modifications in a different schema in the same server before applying these modifications to the production schema. If a dedicated pre-production server is available, use it for these purposes.
● Do not mind replicating views among diverse virtual schemas if this makes sense for your application needs. Give applications/clients what they need and no more.
● Always apply source control tags to the production versions of your virtual schemas’ metadata.

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